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Irene Mack

The proximity of the holiday season and the introduction of a 5 April 2010 the EU Visa Code caused excitement among potential tourists. People are afraid and increase the complexity of the procedure of issuance of visas. And it is in vain. It seems to get abroad this summer will be even easier than before. And it concerns not only the Schengen countries.

To get to the Schengen

"... The provisions of the Visa Code are recommendatory in Denmark, which is a Schengen state, and do not spread the forces of the UK and Ireland, which remain outside the Schengen area", - stated in the preamble of the document. Denmark for six months will decide whether to transform it into a single key for Europe's national law. For the other 24 Schengen countries adopted a single form, which points less than in the old questionnaires in most countries.

The consular fee, which grew in all countries and 60 euros for the Russians remained the same: 35 euros for adults and children six years of age. For kids visa free but are made separately and placed in the passport of a child or a parent's passport, where the child is registered. Money is usually taken in rubles at the exchange rate which may differ from the rate of the Central Bank. However, many embassies, use the services of intermediaries - visa application centers, which also have to pay. This rate adjusts Code: not more than 50% of the visa fee. But as the collection of the law 60 euros, and the centers are taking does not exceed 30. Apparently, so the services of the visa center in France rose from last year's 900 rubles to 1155. A visa centers in Holland and Belgium require at 1,500 rubles - 40 euros. Formally, the embassy should choose the company, opening visa centers on a tender basis. In reality, according to the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT) and his press secretary Irina Tyurina, almost all of these centers in Russia owns one firm - Indian Visa Facilitation Services. So what about the competition and reducing the cost of visas talk funny. And to get a visa at the consulate - a chance for the applicant, by law, must be - and if you can, then after a month or two.

It is still not introduced - though going - supply profiles via Visa Center Finland. And does not enter Latvia, to the consulate which was until recently a lot of criticism, but now it works like a clock. Before the New Year, when many of the staff of embassies could not cope with the shaft of tourists in the Latvian Embassy to work on the weekend.

Consolation is that to pay for a visa - and receive - now less often. Because more and more tourists, not seen in violation of the visa regime, provide multiple entry visas. Do not confuse them with long-term: even the annual visa is considered a short-term and provides for a stay of up to 90 days a year. Of the non-Schengen EU countries semiannual visa immediately puts UK. Sometimes a visa for six months give France, Switzerland and Estonia. And promises to Greece. And for the six-month Spanish Embassy visa when buying a week-long tour has become a way of life a year ago, so they were able to reduce the load on its embassy and embassies of other countries. Because for entering the Schengen zone visas enough of one state - party to the agreement. But not any. It must be either country through which you enter the Schengen zone, or the main purpose of travel. For example, if you are flying to Berlin, and then relax in Normandy, fit and German, and French visa. But we should always have an argument for border guards, who may ask, why did you come to them when visa - to a neighboring country.

In general, the border can ask about anything, and we should have something to say. Because visa - a necessary condition for entry into the country, but not sufficient. And in that sense, nothing has changed for us.

But canceled the temporary corridor on visas. If before, with a Schengen visa with incomplete valid, you would get the following in another country, and duration of the overlap, the first had to cancel. Now revoke nothing. A passport must be valid for at least three months after your intended return.

Without a mediator

As soon as the Russians will start up in the EU without visas, travel agencies remain out of work. Not all, but many. Not wanting to mess with the questionnaire and stand in line, we buy visa services along with the vacation package. Although not fuss too much. Ticket and hotel paid for on the internet (the invitation from friends or relatives completely replace the hotel) earnings record is taken at work, and more, in fact, anything not necessary, except photographs, medical insurance and copies of your documents (their list is on the site all embassies). It is believed that the hotel has to be an expensive, otherwise the visa will not give. That's not true usually enough modest three-star hotel, which may not be in the directory will be a tour operator, but at your disposal - the entire Internet. In addition, travel agencies visas more expensive. And the larger the company, the greater its appetite.

Refusals of visas are now rare. Most often because of misfiled documents. The new Visa Code ordered the consulate to explain the reasons for refusal and the objectors will be able to appeal against the decision of the consul. But take effect this point only after a year.

Another new code reduced the standard term review of visa up to 15 days. But in the case of Russia, with which the EU signed an agreement on visa facilitation set period of 10 days. And really, in many embassies give them the third to fifth day after treatment. And still urgent visas for which pay for double price.

For medical reasons

Health insurance has been and remains one of the required documents for the visa. But to get it, alas, is not given to everyone. In any case, not all. A cursory analysis of the Russian insurance market has shown that many insurance companies, in order to avoid their own risk, do not insure the elderly. The oldest in the country, the company "Ingosstrakh" limited the age of their customers in the form of insurance 69 years. In RESO not sell tourist policy over 75 years, Rosgosstrakh - older than 80. In this 75-year-old traveler policy will cost three times more expensive than the 40-year-old. Almost our only insurer that does not limit the age of customers - Military Insurance Company. Upon reaching 80 years the cost of standard policy is multiplied by four - but at least it will sell.

The children themselves

Nothing but said a separate children's visa has changed fundamentally for parents traveling with children. They are, as before, we must have a notarized permission to export from mom and dad, drawn up at least one month prior to treatment. So look at the date. Sometimes the requirements of the visa center (or consular officials) reach the point of absurdity: recently for a trip to France, the couple demanded power of attorney for children, although the family was traveling at full strength. And on the French website, we read: "If a child is traveling alone or accompanied by a parent, a notarized authorization must contain the name of a trustee." Think about the text - if a child is traveling alone, why should the escort?

Meanwhile, children can fly alone and at a tender age. To my grandmother. Or aunt. Though in Europe, at least in America. At this point there are restrictions airlines and large airports - say, a Roman Rome - nine children (generally from this age a child can be sent without an adult) will not be allowed on a single transplant. Usually, however, the place of registration of the aircraft to the airline employee accompanies children. And with 12 years, all restrictions are removed. And for a flight only one exit permits from both parents.

Yes, according to Russian law to leave a child abroad enough resolution mom or dad. But the international law looks at things differently, and we have to put up with. When permission from the other parent to get difficult or impossible for the embassy is taken to help the police - that his whereabouts is unknown.

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