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The plot of land that is offered for sale is located in the north-west of the island of Saaremaa and occupies most of the peninsula Tagamõisa, a distance of only 4 km from the coast with sandy beaches and 3 ports, a forest and a lake where you can fish and hunt. The site is located near the national road leading to the capital of the island of Kuressaare.

The plot is registered in the public register of real estate as suitable for urban uses 72 individual houses, registration number 42 dated December 28, 2004.

The plan detailed planning area, coordination with local authorities, county and "green."

The external appearance of buildings must meet and blend in with the environment and the traditions of construction in the area.

The basis of the material it is recommended to take the tree in all its many forms, as in the area traditionally dominated this material in construction.

Shape of the house is free, but we must remember that the roof should be sloped and maybe with a loft.

Of course all of these details to be agreed with the wishes of customers.

Property Data

The site is located on a plain covered with forest (mainly birch and pine trees.) In the north, there is a plot zaasfaltirovanoy rural road about 500 m. Detailed layout plan approved by and registered with the City Municipality of December 28, 2004 at number 24.

The whole object is divided into 36 sections (most the size of 10.000m2) for the construction of 72 individual domov.Uchastki can be divided, but the area should not be less than 5.000m2.

Between sections 11 and 16, there is a lake, pond, which should be used as a fire object.

Object passes through the main power line.

Each area of ​​the object is registered in the Cadastre.

Is the total area of ​​44.65 hectares object

-Only sections 36

-Ability surprising number of houses 72

-Type of individual houses

Is the maximum building area of ​​2%

-Plot ratio of 4%



PRICE EURO 2,20 / m2

Total cost of the 982,223 Euro


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