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Taxes and fees

The following taxes, about which should be known to Russian buyers of Spanish property. Taxable base - is the registration (cadastre) value of the property.

Impuesto ExtraordinarioSobre el Patrimonio - a tax on the existence of assets (property) that is paid once a year in December. The tax rate depends on the cadastral value of the property:

to 167.000 euros of tax - 0.2%;

from 167,000 euros to 334,000 euros - 0.3%

and more than 334,000 euro -0.4%.

Impuesto Sobre BienesInmuebies (IBI) - an annual municipal tax that is paid once a year. Paid on the cadastral value, depending on the region, is about 0.3% - 0.5% of the cadastral value of the property. The money from this tax fall into the local budget (municipality) and go to the improvement of the city, improving the infrastructure.

Declaración de la renta - sane tax on income from property rental - 0.5% of the cadastral value

Utility bills are composed of two parts:

fee, regardless of whether the owner lives in their property or not, and

utility bills on the counter.

The subscription fee for water is 60 euros / year for electricity and 90 euros / year, the phone - 20 euros / year, high-speed internet - 50 euro / year.

All property owners in residential complexes (urbanization) shall, except for their own communal property, pay for the maintenance and care of the common areas: swimming pool, garden, children's playgrounds, electric lighting of the common areas and garbage.

The amount of this payment depends on the number of property owners and the size of communal property.

For example, a property owner in a large residential complex with swimming pool, tennis court, will pay a management company to maintain order in the complex, about 300-400 euros per year.

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