Tips "News" going abroad Irene Mack The proximity of the holiday season and the introduction of a 5 April 2010 the EU Visa Code caused excitement among potential tourists. People are afraid and increase the complexity of the procedure of issuance of visas. And it is in vain. It seems to get abroad this summer will be even easier than before. And it concerns not only the Schengen countries. To get to the Schengen "... The provisions of the Visa Code are recommendatory in Denmark, which is a Schengen state, and do not spread the forces of the UK and Ireland, which remain outside the...

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Saaremaa Island in Estonia


The plot of land that is offered for sale is located in the north-west of the island of Saaremaa and occupies most of the peninsula Tagamõisa, a distance of only 4 km from the coast with sandy beaches and 3 ports, a forest and a lake where you can fish and hunt. The site is located near the national road leading to the capital of the island of Kuressaare. The plot is registered in the public register of real estate as suitable for urban uses 72 individual houses, registration number 42 dated December 28, 2004. The plan detailed planning area, coordination with local authorities, county...

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Taxes and fees


Taxes and fees The following taxes, about which should be known to Russian buyers of Spanish property. Taxable base - is the registration (cadastre) value of the property. Impuesto ExtraordinarioSobre el Patrimonio - a tax on the existence of assets (property) that is paid once a year in December. The tax rate depends on the cadastral value of the property: to 167.000 euros of tax - 0.2%; from 167,000 euros to 334,000 euros - 0.3% and more than 334,000 euro -0.4%. Impuesto Sobre BienesInmuebies (IBI) - an annual municipal tax that is paid once a year. Paid on the cadastral...

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An analysis of the Spanish property market in 2009


An economist from the University of Barcelona Gonzalo Bernardos (Gonzalo Bernardos) believes that this year the number of sales of real estate in Spain is higher than it was last year. In his view, the real estate market will come back to life this year, despite predictions the Government of Spain, which he treated with caution. As proof, the professor cites a number of reasons that can stimulate the real estate market in Spain: 1. Lowering interest rates on mortgages; 2. The prices of some items, including discounts, approached the level of 2003; 3. An influx of investors; 4....

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Castillo de Guadalest


Удивительное –рядом!!!! Прожив много лет на побережье Коста Бланка я к своему стыду не знала,что рядом есть место,которое по посещаемости занимает второе место в Испании(первое место держит музей Прадо в Мадриде). И это место называется замок Гуадалест / Guadalest. Население этого славного города составляет целых  204 человека !!!!. Это очень  живописное место на побережье, ежегодно сюда приезжает более 2.300.000 туристов.  Горный замок, последний оплот мавров на континенте, сокровищница арабских правителей. Первые укрепления построены здесь в VII веке, в период...

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